Bag of Tricks

Berryware is proud to announce Bag of Tricks version 1.0 for public release. Bag of Tricks is a collection of small 32-bit command line utilities. Bag of Tricks is available for download now!


new All command-line utilities - can easily be used in batch files.
new Support NT 4.0 and Windows 95 and the forthcoming Windows 98.

Utilities Included in Pack

new Berryware Long Filename Backup (BWLFN):
Backs up a selected hierarchy of files (Microsoft provides a utility which backs up all your long file names, but there are circumstances where you may want to backup and restore only a few long file names e.g. when using an old DOS command-line program that does not support long file names such as Norton Commander or an older version of PKZIP etc.)
new Berryware Text File Utility (BWTEXT):
Converts unix text files to DOS files by replacing Linefeeds with Carriage Return-Linefeed pairs. This utility checks first before performing the conversion so it isn't possible to accidentally convert the file twice and end up with an invalid text file. The utility also converts tabs into spaces. There are a number of utilities that do not work with correctly formatted text files and it especially when working with C or C++ source code supplied on the Internet one may run into these problems.
new Berryware General File Utility (BWFILE):
This utility can be used to convert a file name (you can also specify multiple files by using a file mask like *.exe) to uppercase or lowercase. It can also be used to change a file's date and time stamp information.
new Berryware Version Information Utility (BWVER):
This utility can be very useful if you like to include build information with the files you compile and distribute. I can also be useful when you want to check the version of a file at the command line.
new Berryware Recursive Execution Utility (BWEXEC):
Executes any DOS command or batch file on all files (or a selection of files determined by a file mask) in a given sub-folder tree. For example, when writing Active Server Page (ASP) code you can run into a problem if you use a "global" include file - the IIS 3.0 engine only re-compiles code with ASP extensions and ignores include files (you may use an INC extension for your include file perhaps). Using BWEXEC you can execute a TOUCH command on all your ASP pages in your whole site sub-folder structure so that any scripts using the include file will be recompiled. There are also many other uses for BWEXEC - for example you could convert all files you have FTPed from a Unix machine into DOS text format using a combination of BWTEXT and BWEXEC.


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