Berryware is proud to announce Kill version 1.5 for public release. Kill is a freeware utility that can be used to remove unwanted files.


new Command-line based utility - can easily be used in batch files.
new Safe deletion (uses recycle bin - even though it is a command prompt utility).
new Intelligent matching capability (doesn't rely on Windows 95's 8.3 support file matching which can confuse things, e.g. try delete *.htm when you only want files with an HTM extension deleted and not an HTML extension!).
new Special support for programmers - deletion of generated files if source code version of files exist (sample batch files are included to demonstrate the use of this).
new Fast!

Usage Tips

new Cleaning up source code folders to make more space:

new Delphi Development:
Delete the object files for projects that aren't actively being used (BD_CLEAN.BAT is a file included with BWKILL that does this for you!)
new Visual C++ Development:
Delete debug directories (e.g. use bwkill -r *\windebug\* to remove all files generated by Visual C++ for debug builds of applications)
new Removing old temporary files:

new Windows .TMP and .BAK files:
When working in Windows 95 or NT TMP and BAK files often accumulate and can be removed by using the command bwkill -r -k *.tmp *.bak from the root directory. To make 100% sure that you want these files deleted leave off the -k option first to list the files that are going to be deleted (see point below too)
new Delphi Programmers:
Delete temporary files generated by Delphi - use the command bwkill -r -k *.~* in your source code directory
NB: if you want to make 100% sure that no files that you require are going to be deleted use the command bwkill -r -k- *.* (you can use bwkill -r *.* if you have not overridden the -k option by using environment variables) to produce a list of the files that will be deleted first.


new Free!