New in Release 2.3.0 (Build 806)


  #866 - Improved Parse Error Logging (more context information)

  Added more context information for certain parse errors.  Often errors
  would mention a single keyword mismatch (e.g. "expecting AND found [")
  and they have now been enhanced to provide much more of the SQL
  statement that is being parsed.

  #869 - Project Object Type Comparison Filters Should Apply to Scripts
  as Well as Live Databases

  When comparing live databases SQLMatcher would only include the objects
  that you specify in the comparison (e.g. if you choose to only compare
  tables it will leave out stored procs that differ etc.).  This
  capability has now been extended to handle SQL scripts in addition to
  live databases.

  #873 - New Icons for Treeview on Comparison Form

  The icons have been refreshed for a more professional and modern look.

  #879 - Plugin Architecture for SQL Scripting

  To support SQL 2008 and SQL 2005 a new plugin architecture was created.
  This should allow Berryware to support future SQL versions easier in

  #880 - Full Text Search Catalog + Index support

  Full-text search indexes and catalogs are now compared and transformed.
  Catalogs are associated directly where the "Full Script" level node and
  as a result the differences are reflected only in that root node.  This
  is a limitation that may be changed in future.  Indexes, however, are
  treated like any other constraint on a table.

  #888 - Enhanced Logging
  Debug logging can now be turned on in the options pages.  This is
  useful when troubleshooting issues.


  #864 - Exception When Clicking Feedback Button

  This issue was seen on several forms other than the main form.

  #865 - Access Violation when Script Operations Browser Closed Twice

  #867 - Text on Main Form Clipped Under Vista

  #868 - Text Not Wrapping Properly on Message Form Under Vista

  #872 - Differences in Unicode Field Defaults Not Detected