New in Release 2.3.2 (Build 851)


  #892 - SQL Server 2008 R2 Basic Support

  SQL Server 2008 R2 required a new plugin to generate SQL scripts and
  some minor tweaks to the general scripting engine.

  #908 - Better Support for Unnamed Defaults

  There is a new option that enables the comparison logic to match DF_*
  auto-named defaults to unnamed defaults in script files.

  #918 - Troubleshooting shortcut in start menu

  This can be used to ensure SQLMatcher "factory defaults" are restored.
  Under some circumstances the saved form positions can cause problems.
  This reset shortcut removes form positions as well.
  #917 - Added list of supported SQL service packs to help file
  #920 - Prompt to allow user to continue scripting even when client 
         libraries don't seem to support server version


  #896 - Semicolons not handled in DDL scripts

  Errors such as "AFTER TABLE DEFINITION ";" FOUND, IGNORED." were

  #897 - Intermittent Arithmetic Overflow error when comparing SQL
         2008 and 2008 R2 databases

  On some systems this error was encountered when SQLMatcher first
  scripted a database, after that it worked fine.  The script
  generation process no longer relies on a COM-->.NET bridge to
  generate the scripts so this should no longer be a problem.

  #898 - "ALTER TABLE ... ADD DEFAULT ..." not supported

  This variant of adding a default to a table is now supported in the
  parsing logic.

  #899 - "Transform may fail" message displayed intermittently

  A variable was not being initialized so this message appeared to be
  displayed somewhat randomly.

  #900 - Full Text Database enabling/disabling not handled in DDL

  #919 - Logging settings don't take effect if UAC enabled

  #921 - Method 'CopyAllFunctions' not supported by automation object
         (SQL Server 7.0 target database)